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Stamping plant

Possessed machine park let us manufacture various kinds of products achieved in pressing processes, punching and realize orders of prototype batches, patterns.

  • Eccentric and hydraulic presses with a press from 2,5T to 200T
  • CNC press brake
  • Welders, grinders and other specialist devices

Logistic back-up let us for a quick and efficient transport of the product to a client.

Contact - Branch office in Wielen

tel. +48 67 256 14 05

e-mail: produkcja@unam.pl



UNAM Andrzej Młynarski

Ul. Okrężna 2
77-400 Złotów

Tel. +48 67 263 52 33
Fax. +48 67 263 52 33


e-mail: unam@unam.pl