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EU Grant

We have realised the project named: “Adding new services in metal machining as a chance for competitiveness growth of UNAM Złotów Andrzej Młynarski Company”. According to the financial agreement made with the Wielkopolska Region Board no.: UDA-RPWP.01.02.01-30-557/09-00.

The project has been realised from 1st September 2009 to 31st March 2010. It was plunked in 60% by European Union according to European Union Fund of Regional Development.

Project profile

Our investment was the answer for a company identified problems and development barriers. It included a purchase of the following capital items and software:

  1. Milling machine
  2. Lathe
  3. Machine milling centre
  4. Software for designing and production managing


Results of project realisation

As the effect of the project we have achieved our goals:

  • We have let in two new groups of products (bodies and other elements from stainless steel and iron castings)
  • We have let in to our offer one improved service (turning elements up to 2 meters long)
  • We have created 3 new workplaces (position: machine operator)





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